AMD fx 6300 with ASRock 970 extreme 3, What is a good overclock?

Im trying to get the best i can out of my cpu. I have a h100 on the way and was wondering when i get that how will the overclocking be affected, like where would a stable clock be ?

the rest of my system
amd hd 7770 2gb (2)
4x4gb pny optima 1333mhz
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  1. Highly depends on your particular cpu's quality how skillful you are at the art of OCing and how much you are willing to push it. It could go from 4.5-5.2ghz generally speaking with a votage of less than 1.55v which is about the max for water cooling. I recommend making sure you cpu stays at less than 60C at full load and it will OC further at less voltage almost every time... Good luck...
  2. 4.6 on that cooler is good and the art of overclocking died when you could flip a multi and call it a day.
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