evga GTX 660 SC vs 650 TI BOOST SC

Both 2GB cards Evga GTX 660 SuperClocked vs GTX 650 TI BOOST SuperClocked are curently on promotion and the price difference is 30$.
The 660 comes with Metro last light, the 650 with 75$ free to play in-game cash.

Is the 30$ extra worth it to get the 660 and is the 660 SC a good card, I have heard mixed reviews about many of them failing?

I current specs are :
- Core2Duo e6850 3ghz
- 6GB DDR2 ram
- 500w Cooler Master power supply
- Old and defective 8800GTS (gives artifacts in games)

I don't plan to change anything else in this PC, I just want to buy a good video card for games, that will last me a long time and that I could reuse if I ever replace my PC eventually.

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  1. Definitely worth the extra $30... and if the 660 SC is giving problems, you can definitely find some threads and then make an informed decision
  2. The GTX 660 is well worth the extra $30. Check out the games performance graphs starting here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6838/nvidia-geforce-gtx-650-ti-boost-review-/3
    And I've never heard anything about them failing.
  3. Thanks, I finally went for a 7870 OC from Gigabyte, got an amazing deal for it. I need a new PC now, that C2D is a huge bottleneck :P
  4. I went with 2 650 ti Boost SC in SLI, I did have to upgrade my CPU to a QX6800, since I am running on a evga 680i board. My settings on FAR Cry 3 went from medium to ultra high. I stepped up from XFX 260GTX.
  5. Newegg has a good deal on the 660 right now. has a free game and a rebate that would put you at the same price as the 650ti boost.
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