which case to replace nzxt switch810?

Hi guys,
I've been using a switch 810 for some time now and I want to replace it mainly cause it is a little bit flimsy/cheap and quite noisy (even if I'm watercooled)
I want my new case to be roughly as big as the switch, solid, silent, with a side window and I want a thick rad 240 and thick 360 to fit in there without modding the case.
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  1. Merlin SM8-X Case, 900D, Bitfenix Shinobi XL.
  2. yeah you will want something like a 800d. just keep in mind that its not that temp consious nor quiet
  3. Thanks for replies. I defenitely want the 900D but it won't be available before june, so I've finally decided to stick with the switch810. I was able to make it "more silent" and I could place a 420 and 240 rads in there (I had to mod the case a little though)
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