Nokia Teases QWERTY Phone for April 24

Could this be the first Lumia with a hardware keyboard?

Nokia Teases QWERTY Phone for April 24 : Read more
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  1. Id take a BB for its QWERTY keypad over anything anyday.
  2. I can never go back to the "click-click-click"ing of a real keypad/keyboard on a phone. My thumbs can fly across a touchscreen keyboard and send out a text before anyone realizes I have my phone out.
  3. I have a hard time thinking they can take on Blackberry with a this. This is the area where Blackberry actually dominates, though the market is a bit smaller today for it. Best of luck competing with the Q10.
  4. What next? Clamshell smartphones? That was so 2005. (owned an xda)
  5. Nokia Qwertys have always been really good, but this one will likely be Asha, and not a Lumia. Although, I do sometimes miss my landscape qwerty.
  6. No iOS or Android, No Care!!
  7. Motorola Milestone / Droid is still the best if I type (which I do a lot). No software keyboard can replace physical ones.
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