CPU fan speed high, and i can't change it.

most of it it's written up there, if you can anwser it. Thanks :s
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  1. is it plugged in with a 4 pin connector to your motherboard labeled for cpu fan?or a 4 pin molex adapter?
  2. If its connected to the motherbd then you can usually control it thru the bios of fan controller software. If its connected to the power supply then you will need to install a fan controller and connect it to that.
  3. I think it's connected with a 4 PIN..
    But with witch program? speed fan isn't doing anything, i can't change it in the bios because it just shows me it's running on 3012 Db and ican't change it or i don't know why :s
  4. enable qfan control right under the speed this will allow you to access the various cpu fan speed profile options. You then can install the asus qfan software

    edit: It looks like the fan control software is bundled in the ai suite.
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