Startup repair cannot repair this automatically

Hi all

The missus dropped her laptop the other day and when attempting to boot, it says: 'no bootable device' (or some such thing).

So what did I try?

1. I used my laptop to burn a windows 7 recovery disk, opened the boot menu, tried to recover, got the message: 'startup repair cannot repair this automatically'.

2. Tried disk check (dsk chk - or something similar I can't remember off the top of my head - I followed instructions online) via the command prompt and had no joy.

3. Tried 'bootrec /fixmbr' followed by 'bootrec / fixboot' on the command prompt (actually, I didn't get past the first command, so couldn't do the second anyway)

4. Windows memory diagnostic gave me the message 'windows cannot check for memory problems'.

5. System image recovery can't find images on the c:/ drive or on my boot disk.

Nb. I've tried all these actions (bar #1) both with and without the recovery disk in the drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm fairly adept at computer things given some half decent instructions, but must admit some of the technical jargon does, from time to time, go over my head!

My worry is that, in dropping the machine, my other half has caused physical damage. Is this likely to be the cause?

Thanks in advice for what will no doubt be a torrent of help and support!

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  1. Dead hard drive, they don't play nice when dropped, will probably have to replace it and call that one a total loss.
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