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I recently fried my motherboard from a stupid error i made, well once that happened I was still under warranty and sent back my power supply, motherboard, heat sink, and CPU for replacements. Just in the last day i put them all back in the computer and now nothings working. I applied thermal compound but only a small amount between the heat sink and cpu, along with making sure i was grounded and using gloves. None of The prongs are bent on the cpu and ive tried readjusting the heat sink to make sure it was on properly. I dont know what else to do.
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  1. DEfine nothing. Do the case fans spin? Do you get any lights? You may have fried the cabinet front panel too. Try starting the motherboard without the cabinet by short circuiting the two pins you connect the power plug from the cabinet. Do it with a metal object like a screwdriver.
  2. Try another psu its either a the psu or mb so if you can try a known working psu and it doesnt work then its the board, if it works then its your psu

    also a psu can pass a multimeter test and a psu tester (it just checks all the lines to see if it provides the right voltage on the lines) and can still be faulty
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