CD-Rom won't recognise Windows 7 .iso file from self made boot disc.

Hey there decided to reformat so my lappy runs quicker. So decided to re-install windows 7 following this simple guide:

So I downloaded - Home Premium SP1 (English, 64-bit)

saved it to my desktop. It downloaded into a file which can be opened with winrar.

Right clicking the file, going properties, The type of file is is says is Disc Image File (.iso), fair enough...

Underneath Type of file it says, WinRAR archiver. ok cool.

So i tried burning this file to disc, rebooted, pressed F12, selected boot from CD-ROM, says boot attempt failed.

So i tried again, but this time, in the properties of the .ISO i downloaded, i changed the open with too, windows disc image burner.

It changes the icon from a purple Winrar icon to a white ISO'ey looking icon with a disc on it, so i burnt that file to a disc this time by double clicking it and using the windows version of an ISO burner, tried the format process, same error again, says - failed.

I tried a third time but using a program called freeisoburner.

Dunno if im doing anything wrong, if so could someone please point out what im doing wrong or point me in the right direction, I'm not the best at computers and really am trying to use my inititive, but spent my whole night trying this.

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  1. Re-burn it with PowerISO or the built in Windows ISO burning utility. Sounds like the boot info wasn't copied properly (or at all) to the burnt image.
  2. Oh, and burn at the slowest speed possible. If that doesn't work, you might not have a bootable ISO image and will need a different one.
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