Can the Alienware x51 motherboard work in an ATX case?

I've had my alienware x51 for almost a year now and im super annoyed with it! especially the compact case, and its lack of upgrade ability. I wanted to know if the alienware x51's motherboard is compatible in the Cooler Master HAF X case. I also want to keep all other parts, except power supply. Please help
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  1. Yes.

    EDIT: No.
  2. also, are all my other part compatible?
  3. Yes, why wouldn't they?

    EDIT: No, why would they?
  4. The motherboard doesn't look like a standard mini itx. It's different
  5. The Alienware X51 has a Mini-ITX Motherboard.
    The HAF X PC case fits Micro-ATX / ATX / E-ATX / XL-ATX motherboards.
    The case doesn't fit your motherboard size.
  6. That's my bad; thought the x51 was micro-ATX.
  7. but i read that mini itx boards do fit in micro atx cases since the measurements are nearly identical
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