WTS: Reduced to $1,500 Water cooled intel i5-3570k (4.7 Ghz) amd 7950 (1300/1715) custom gaming desktop computer


Up for sale is my custom watercooled gaming desktop/computer. I put a ton of hours into modding the case, as well as money. I took the utmost care installing each piece and am very proud of my work, with my modding there is room to crossfire and add a second 280mm radiator up front plus whatever else you want! Sad thing is I need money for grad school and I don't utilize this beast of a computer. My SSD and HDD will not be included as I will be keeping those two parts. The monitor and speakers in linked pictures are not included (though this can be negotiated for an extra $120). So I am asking $1,500 (and I am willing to haggle) the pc is in practically new condition it is cleaned often and only has a couple minor scratches from taking the side panel on and off (so very light use, roughly 120 hours of gaming), put over $2,150 in these parts (hardware, paint, modding things). Also willing to work out a cash/bicycle deal for this computer. Shipping is included and will be worked out personally with the buyer, as well if you are in the Orange county area or close I can work out personally delivering the PC. Extreme run of Unigine Valley is shown at the bottom. 3d mark/prime95 scores/temps available upon request.

the parts used are as follows:

Modded LIAN LI PC-A70F (Green with white front flames

MSI 7950 (with a EK full block with arctic mx-4, has 7970 pcb oc stable 1300/1715 [rarely needed for games])

i5-3570k overclocked to 4.7 with arctic silver (28% overclock 24/7 stable with turbo boost enabled)

mushkin blackline 8 gigs at 2133

OCZ fatality 1000w modular PSU with single braid cables

4x BitFenix Spectre LED 120mm Fan - Green (black cables)

2x BitFenix Spectre LED 140mm Fan - Green (black cables)

Lamptron 20W - 4 Channel Aluminum Rheobus w/ Multi Color LED Display

XSPC dual bay res with Swiftech MCP655™ 12v Water Pump w/ Speed Control

Green UV tubing

all compression fittings

Custom flame triple grill

XSPC RX360 Triple 120mm Radiator Rev 2

XSPC RayStorm High Performance Acetal CPU Liquid Cooling Block

DVD burner (painted white)

also the stock msi cooler, pci cover plates, some tubing, two fan filters, blue led lights for the cpu block, the temp cables for the fan controller, as well as anything else I can find will be included.

Disclaimer: as of now I can not find the extra PSU cables, I recently moved to grad school in Orange County California from Wyoming and misplaced them in the move. This could change in the near future, though I believe they can be ordered.

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  1. PM me with questions or to ask for my phone number to work anything out!
  2. Bump: Price reduced quite a bit. Have somone interested in the 7950 if you wan't to buy everything else for $1,095
  3. contacting you
  4. Sold sorry for being so slow
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