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I am going to being doing a build in the next week or so. However the new Intel Processor "Haswell" is supposed to be coming out soon. However, Haswell requires a new socket, which requires a new motherboard (Z87). Should I wait for haswell and the new motherboards, or should I not.
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  1. they are about 7-13% powerful than ivy they use the same architecture and have a lower tdp if u re buying a overclockable cpu i would say don't wait
    but if u can u should definitely wait
  2. correction they have higher TDP. 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge i3570k & I3770k have 77w TDP where as the i4670k & i4770K Haswell socket 1150 equivalents have 84-88w TDP

    In a nut shell Haswell is 3rd Gen ivy bridge with 5 less socket pins higher TDP and allegedly better overclocking ability. (That remains to be seen - physical proof in the pudding with actual self experimental facts and figures. I.e. I saw a link with a msi z87 chipset mother board with a i4770k allegedly overclocked at 7.9ghz about month a go - my dispute is not that's impossible - but anyone can make facts figure and post on the net with little use of their brain. The only way you ever get to find the real evidence out is testing it out yourself. There no substitute for real life experience.

    If your not going to upgrade on regular basis go with current 3rd gen which should be safe for next 2-3yrs. If you can wait I would wait for Ivy bridge-e due to be released end quarter of this year or latest next march. Haswell in my opinion is aimed at laptop/notebook mobile technology market and if the rumours are correct Intel may or may not produce socket 11 as BGA which basically mean what we had in the 90's with NLX boards - a throw-away board and chip as well if they become faulty. More money to Intel less for its customers.
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