just curious about gaming with dual processor motherboards

can a dual processor 771 socket motherboard support and would the performance better than a intel core2 quad 775 single processor motherboard
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  1. If you are using the system for gaming, you would be better off with the Core2 quad and a decent GPU. Almost 100% of modern games and games that will be coming out years from now will only use at the most 2 physical cores. Most games don't even use hyper threading. The dual CPU 771 board might be marketed as a gaming system, I know EVGA used to make them, but in reality it is best used as a server. The only real world application that can take advantage of multiple CPUs is a server. Even supercomputers don't use the same cores found in x86 CPUs anymore, they use cores which are more similar to cuda cores found in Nvidia GPUs or stream processors in AMD GPUs. These processors use what is known as parallel computing or the ability to do many calculations at the same time. The dual CPUs in the 771 system will only do one calculation at a time. This is why it won't make much of a difference in gaming.
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