GTX 660 Superclocked 2GB DDR5, crossfire graphics cards?

I have just bought the GTX 660 Superclocked graphics card for my HP Envy H8-1414 and was just wondering if this was a good choice to go with and if there are any other things that i should get in the future, with this I have also gotten a new power supply which is 550w. I also have heard about people doing a crossfire with their graphics card and was just wondering how this works and what more options i would have if i decided to do it in the future? hope to hear alot of different responses. Thank you.
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  1. crossfire is for ati cards. for nvidia card they called it as sli. but basically they do the same thing; to make two physical gpu work together for better performance. to use the tech you need mobo that support the feature which i'm quite sure your mobo did not come which such support. for OEM machine only their gaming line up might have cf/sli support (such as Dell Alienware or Asus ROG PC)

    660 is decent card if you have 1080p monitor or lower
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