HELP PLEASE high temperature

Please I nedd help .. just bought new motherboard ( asus p8h61-m le ) and cpu ( i5 2400 ) from gumtree

after I put all together and instal windows7 + open hardware monitor ... I notice is showing me two different CPU temperature AND ONE IS HIGH ABOVE 90c ( please see my screenshot ) please help is DANGER ??????? what it is ???? Thanks Daniel


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  1. Thermal Paste, did you apply any? When you get a new PC it is best to check the thermal paste layer as it may have dried out. The high temps infer that the thermal paste has dried out or there is none at all (the cpu probably being replaced at place of purchse, or something). You also need a cpu cooler fan.

    The PSU should be at least 550 watts, depending on the video card and whether you have only one or two of them.

    90C is way too high for anything.
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