Metro Last Light @ Highest Settings

The PC specs just came out for Metro Last Light:

So the real question is, what do you all think it will likely take to max this game out, including the highest antialiasing option at each respective resolution?

Considering 2 Titans can get about 75FPS on Metro 2033 maxed out on 2560x1440, I can only imagine how Last Light will be. Perhaps 3 Titans will be necessary for 1440p or higher with the highest antialiasing?

The recommended specs are rediculously high as well, a 580/660Ti or higher? This will likely be the most graphically demanding game to date.

Was Metro 2033 poorly optimized or something? A lot of the environmental textures look like crap. Sort of like Far Cry 3, great character models and nice lighting, just some really ugly textures in certain areas.
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  1. lol why for every game that has very good graphic but very hard on the hardware suspected as poorly optimized? anyway i heard that metro 2033 was one of the game that almost fully take advantage every dx11 has to offer unlike some other dx11 game that only apply some tessellation here and there and called it DX11 games just to attract pc gamer to buy them (which most of this game don't even support dx10 unlike metro which support dx9, 10 and 11). texture was one of the aspect that A4 said will be improved in the next instalment of metro. well maybe they have to keep it reasonable with metro 2033 since they were releasing the game for console as well.

    about Metro Last Light we will have to wait until the game officially out and bench by the reviewer to see how demanding the game was.
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