Apple CEO Tim Cook Teases 'New Product Category'

Something for the rumor mill to chew on.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Teases 'New Product Category' : Read more
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  1. A watch with a tynier screen than an ihpone and that you have to charge every few hours* ? No thanks.
  2. * I can't imagine it have a battery with enough power to last more than a couple of hours due to the limited syze of a wrist watch. Unless they make it bulky but I really doubt that.
  3. Why can I only comment a couple of sentences at a time ? It's really annoying !
  4. Apple glasses. Then Apple will say they invented it and sue Google.
  5. Another Apple article! Great time to mention once again how much I hate the new comment system with its slow loading and error messages at Tom's and that the only thing good about it is there's no 20 thumb up limit.
  6. Must be a taller thinner lighter faster iPod touch mini micro 2.
  7. Let me guess - Is it small, white and square with rounded corners?
  8. Let me guess... A 6MP camera (as opposed to a 5) on an iPad? Or maybe a bottom facing camera(?)?

    Or a new type of power/docking connection on the next iPhone rendering all of your current accessories useless?

    Or square-cornered circle-shaped iPods?

    Or smart feminine hygiene products?

    I can't wait for the latest Apple innovation! These are exciting times we live in!
  9. I laugh every time I see this guy's picture as he reminds me of Herb from "Two and a Half Men."
  10. In 2014!! Who gives a flying fck???
  11. And its white! oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! White!
  12. what he's is trying to tell you is that they have added yet another product(!) to rip you average people off.
    i think ryan stiles may be cast as him in an epilogue scene in a movie about the end of apple's golden days.... or as a lead in 'begining of teh end'.... >_>
  13. Everyone with a best buy credit card will own one... whatever it is...
  14. iFail
  15. It's call iSuck line... features more litigation, stop innovation, price inflation. iFans will love it.
  16. Apple stock has fallen close to 45% since reaching its high and I expect it to fall alot more. Apple is shiny junkware for the technologically preliterate.
  17. Let me guess, the iPad will have a side facing camera.
  18. BUT CAN IT READ?!?!
  19. It's the iWatch. NEXT.
  20. Maybe food. They have the right brand name for it.
  21. mynith said:
    Maybe food. They have the right brand name for it.

    Ha. I think the patent office just gave them a patent for the fruit.
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