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I know this a common problem and I apologize if I posted this to the wrong forum.

I am trying to set up my first custom build and I'm pretty sure that all the cables are in correctly (though perhaps not the SATA ordering). I want to install ubuntu 12.10 from a burned dvd through my dvd drive but I can't seem to have the bios boot from that drive.
I've tried setting up the boot priority but whenever I click 'enter' it sends me to the "reboot and select ..." screen so thats about as far I can get.

I'm really confused about how to go from here and I could really use some help

The mobo is a gigabyte-GA990FX-UD3
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  1. Hi, Probably the DVD is not bootable. Try making a bootable USB stick and copy the Ubuntu files on it. Connect the USB to a 2.0 port.
  2. I'm looking over the instructions you attached and realized a skipped a step so give me a few minutes to correct
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