looking for a £300 or under laptop that plays both world of warcraft and doac.

will a lenovo g580 4gb intel core i3 dual core 2328m intel graphics 3000 play and run world of warcraft and dark age of camelot?
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  1. Will it play it, yes. Will it be enjoyable, no. You will have to turn graphics down and then you still might find places that its not playable.
  2. Lol do not buy an intel hd laptop, the 3 and 4000 series can run skyrim on med but not enjoyably. I have a samsung 305V5a A6-3410MX Quadcore @ 1.8ghz, APU with AMD radeon 6520G so its shares memory. The faster the speed of the memory and amount the smoother your games will run i have 8gb of 10600 DDR3.

    i got my laptop for £200 where i work, laptops company but on ebay new they arre £279-300
  3. the samsung can run dota 2 / LoL maxed, wow no problem.
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