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Hello could anyone help on a recently purchased 2nd hand toshiba spa-40 laptop the @ key is not working, could anyone help please, thanks lee
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  1. The 2 key works, but the @ does not? If so, you may just need to set the keyboard layout for US (or whatever country your in). :)

  2. Define "not working" (I'm guessing you used the alt key combo to post that). Do you mean it does not register?
  3. You just have to hold "Alt Car" plus the number "2" and you will get a @ character.
  4. SO you may want to try removing the key top and cleaning underneath it with rubbing alcohol. Sometimes some gunk can get underneath there and prevent the electrical contact from being made. Take a look at http://www.laptop-keys.com for some trick on removing the laptop keys and methods on how to clean underneath them.
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