LG Phone With Flexible OLED Screen Arriving 4Q13

Feeling the heat from Samsung, LG will intro a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen in 4Q13.

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  1. I'd much rather have a curved PC display.
  2. Do We really need phones with Curved Display? The idea is itself rubbish..
  3. Its not so much that a cell curved cell phone is "rubbish" it's just to show the flexibility of using the new type of screens. I for one like the rectangular form factor but would love to have a OLED screen JUST SO I CAN SEE THE DARN INFO ON THE SCREEN IN SUNLIGHT!
  4. Looks nice, but still useless for a Smartphone I have to say. Would be nice to see this technology implemented in other things though.
  5. I would love to have one of these, not so much for the possibility of a curved display, more so for the "doesn't have glass that will break when you drop it 12"" feature.
    I can see this tech completely replacing traditional LCD/OLED displays in portable devices due to this alone.
  6. Can't wait for curved panoramic desktop monitors for full immersion. Bendy phones, meh...
  7. This could be actually guite usefull for example in sport phones. You could wrap around your wrist when running and fold it open when messaging or keep it folded while ansvering voice call. It would sit very nicely around your belt when working and you could open it when you need more space for reading blueprints etc. There are a whole a lot possibilities in there!
  8. toadboy said:
    Can't wait for curved panoramic desktop monitors for full immersion. Bendy phones, meh...

    But you have to support it with the right software projection. Currently it's rectilinear (for flat displays). For curved displays, it'll have to be rectilinear vertically and cylindrical horizontally.

    iRacing, Digital Combat Simulator, Outerra, Unigine engine and some other games / simulators / engines support it already :love:
  9. Let me know when the CPU and ram become flexible.
  10. Flexability for the screen enhances the options for portability, where, how, the end product can be used. example: wrist wrap, contoured for upper arm panel, steering wheel in car, over-head visor in car. etc etc, so many different directions to go. so..... saying the idea is rubbish is a bit obtuse and short-sighted.
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