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i have 50$ i might be able to get 70$ at most and i need a good laser mouse prefer a wired one because right now im using the Logitech m103 wireless mouse and its not treating me well the movements are very very sloppy at mid and higher sensitivity's it skips a lot i have tried using a mousepad and different fabric's it seems to work best on a hard blue bed sheet for some reason but even then its still a little skippy i am using it on a couch cushion because i play on my tv and sit on my couch while i play games my old wired mouse use to have no problems doing this but i bought a new comp and cheaped out on the mouse/keyboard to get good inside components first and its time for a mouse upgrade can people please tell me some good mice with a maximum budget of 70$ that will be good for gaming mostly gamers like Smite/Planet side 2 is mostly what i play
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  1. I just picked up the new Logitech g500s and I love the heck out of it. Very little has changed from the g500 which is good. Laser, wired, plenting of buttons, comfy, good finish (no glossy plastic) and $69. (I actually got it for $59 so keep a lookout) The problem right now is availability. I had to pick one up at Best Buy which I think might have some sort of exclusive deal for the time being.
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