windows7 stuck at loading screen.

Hello everyone I have a desktop comp that is stuck at the windows loading screen every time I turn it on :/ it won't allow me to launch repair options or safe mode.....this recently happened after the computer was taken apart and reassembled anyone know what could be causing this? ! Thank you guys in advance
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  1. Make sure everything is connected right, it is possible that static electrity from handling the hardddrive damaged it and corrupted the drive data. You may have to reinstall windows to solve the problem.

  2. So I left it at the starting windows screen for about a hour it finnaly went to a black screen then 20 m after that went to the login screen ......I'm really not sure what's going on here ( BTW the mouse worked at login screen keyboard would not Ctrl alt delete so I'm not sure if its ESD is the problem I was very carful about handing the hardware BTW I'm a+ certified s
  3. Tried to boot from a windows 7 CD to use the repair options but after loading windows files then it goes to starting windows it stays their??
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