Computer will not recognize keyboard or mouse on start up.

Computer will not recognize keyboard or mouse on start up. When I start up my computer it makes the normal beep when it has always started up but right after its makes a louder high pitched beep that it never made before. After that my computer says no keyboard is attached even though my keyboard and mouse are both lite up. When it gets to the log in screen I can't move the mouse or type anything. Removing them and pluging them back in doesn't work. If I restart my computer they work and if I have them plugged out when I start up my computer then plug them back in after it is at the login screen they work but the louder beep still happens on start up.

This all started happening the night of a horrible thunderstorm. I had unhooked everything from the compute to keep it safe then after the storm was over I cleaned the fans and plugged it back up. Could I have done something while cleaning to mess it up? Any help will be most helpful. Thank you.
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  1. The high-pitched beep is unusual, it's a warning of some sort but what, nobody knows. It could be that the dust-blowing might have caused dust to settle in places elswhere, you might have to turn off the power, and reseat all of your components making sure they all click into place properly.

    If any of your inserted PCI(e) cards look like they are sitting at an angle, try reseating them so they sit evenly.
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