Newly built pc froze during sleep mode. Just pressing power button did not normally shutdown computer or wake up.

I just built a new pc and when i left today the computer went into sleep mode but when i got home, mouse or keyboard would not wake it up. I tried pressing the power button because it is set up to shut down via power button but that would not wake or shutdown gracefully either. I had to hold the power button for 5 seconds to shut it down. When i turned it on it was normal of course with the not properly shutdown sign, and when i tested the feature again with sleep mode, everything was fine and sleep mode and wake mode worked normally.

Spec: i5 3570k cpu, antec 620w psu, gigabyte z77-ds3h mobo, 500 gb wd hardrive, and gigabyte hd 7870 gpu. Can anyone tell me why it only did this one time and the rest not. I only built this comp 2 weeks ago.
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  1. Forgot to mention. The computer was not in sleep mode only the monitor was. But when i tried to wake the monitor it would not wake, and when i pressed the power button it would not wake or shutdown. I also have 8 gigs of ram if that helps. Thanks
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