Audio Drivers ( it was working with HD ADECK but now I can't find it )

I have installed windows XP but can't find audio drivers ( I was using HD ADECK but I can't find it now )
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  1. A fresh install of Windows XP from a Microsoft disc doesn't have all the appropriate motherboard drivers your computer needs. You'll find the drivers you need on your computer maker's website, provided they support the Windows version you have just installed.
  2. Thank you for answer, but I found the program DriverMax and downloaded all good drivers from there.
  3. Glad you got it sorted. However, we don't recommend the use of third-party driver-finding software generally, as very often the driver sources can be untrustworthy and you end up with the wrong drivers or even malware. Much better to go directly to your computer manufacturer's website where you can trust the content.

    I would only use software like DriverMax for a very old computer or motherboard which is no longer supported by the manufacturer.
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