HD Radeon 6950 no longer being recognized

So i built a computer about a year ago.

My build:

My graphics card stopped being recognized when I turned off and disconnected all the external cords so that I could move my case to a working spot to install some new ram (which worked fine). I also dusted the inside with one of those aerosol cans. However, when I hooked everything back up (and i made sure the external stuff was all in the correct spots), it auto booted to my internal graphics and when I hooked up my VGA cable (instead of DVI cable which just wasnt displaying), I had some errors on my login saying that my AMD software could not work because my current graphics card did not support any of the drivers (which makes sense because it booted to my internal).

From looking around at other issues like this, i double checked to make sure my bios was booting to PCIe and I double checked all the internal physical connections to no avail. I can still only use my VGA cord connected to my internal which gives me terrible graphics on my monitor and well, i can no longer game. I honestly have no clue what is up anymore. I also tried removing the new ram to hope for some odd reason there was some odd compatibility issue, however, it still would not work. Unfortunately I cant test my card on anyone else's pc as no one i know has a compatible desktop.

Any ideas or suggestions to troubleshoot/fix would be wonderful.
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  1. So i fixed this by using my other PCIe slot. It then recognized my card but said my drivers were out of date so i just DL'ed the new ones. Not sure why the other PCIe slot stopped working but i guess it did.
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