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i have a xfx radeon hd 6850 graphics card with the latest drivers and i keep getting this "display drivers stopped working and has successfully recovered" when i play games and the game crashes to desktop. i've tried a few of the solutions that are around the internet but nothing seems to work. does anyone know a fix?
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  1. Try removing the drivers and install the ones on the CD that came with the card.

    Is your card overclocked? Reduce it to stock.

    If all else fails, and you have another slot, move the card to a different port on your mobo.
  2. hi, thanks for the reply. i have tried the suggestions with no luck.
    more info: windows 7 64bit, mobo: gigabyte z77m-d3h.
    i've had this video card for 6 months and i'm not sure but i think it may have been already overclocked before i purchased it new from shop, how can i confirm this? and i have software to overclock but what should i change my settings too?
    at the moment my core clock is set at 775mhz and my mem clock is 1000mhz(reading from MSI afterburner)
    i would like to add this card has been quite temperamental since purchase but but never been a major problem until now where i can't play any games at all. i've read on some forums that i may need to increase my voltage because the card maybe OC'd???
    it only went this bad since i installed Lords of Football from Steam, not sure if this has anything to do with it though.
    i've downloaded Riva tuner and MSI afterburner but they don't allow me to adjust the voltage.
    thanks in advance
  3. i notice a lot of people have this problem, there must be a solution out there
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