mATX owners? Is it worth it?

I'm building my first ever pc and have almost all the parts figured out.

PSU: corsair tx 650w

Ram: corsair vengeance 1600 2x4 black

CPU: i5 3570k ivy bridge

CPU cooler: corsair h100i

Gpu: evga gtx 660

The only parts I'm still deciding on is the motherboard and case. I first wanted the maximus V gene and fractal design arc mini case. I'll be overclocking and maybe sli in the future. But, put sli aside, is matx worth choosing over atx just because of size. I'm between the arc mini, arc midi (atx)and define r4 cases(atx). Is there major size differences between the two (atx cases ans Matx cases).

Appreciate some comments

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  1. It depends on your use, your budget and your case. If space is a prime concern than mATX makes sense. In HTPCs mATX is a good form factor for small builds. But for gaming and general purpose the full ATX is a better choice for expansion and particularly if you ever use multiple GPUs.

    Generally ATX cases are better for cooling, but, this again depends on the particular case.

    If your build is for general purpose a desktop or gaming system go ATX; if space is a consideration go mATX.
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