BlackBerry Patent Shows Potential Torch-Style BB10 Phone

BlackBerry patent points to new BB10 phone with a hybrid Torch and Z10 style.

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  1. Looks okay.... But why the patent???? How does one patent a slidy phone? I've seen them for years!! At this point, it seems that scratching patents altogether would be a good idea... Or we could all move to a patent free country... I know! Let's put some money in and buy Greece! they're only worth a few billion now!
  2. they patent it maybe because they doesn't want any competition from other great company
  3. I have been hoping that they would release a phone with BB10, a large screen and a physical keyboard. I would rather have a landscape slider, but I might be willing to settle for a portrait slider.
  4. Do i have to cut my fingers in half to be able to type in that like the older phones ?
  5. As a current Torch owner it's nice to see they will keep a physical keyboard option available for those that want it. (Like me)
    I like my Torch (9810) and honestly wouldn't get a different phone cause mine does everything i want it to.
    My wife got a phone at about the same time and her camera sucks so we use mine to take pictures. It has auto-focus and so many other camera features, people tell me all the time that my phone takes very clear pictures.
    Her phone also doesn't have a slot for a memory card. I bought a memory card for mine and now have 32GB for pictures, music and videos. It's nice that I can buy a cheap memory card while iPhone owners have to spend hundreds more for a phone with more built-in memory.
    I can't think of anything that would make my phone better... maybe a bigger screen and some more/better games. Both of those are pretty minor to me...
  6. ...and I was just about to pick up a Q10. I'd *MUCH* rather have one of these.
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