New to the PC world.. Looking for a new gaming rig

I'm a noob when it comes to building a gaming thats why ive come here seeking for advise from the pros

Budget is around $750
I basically want a gaming rig capable of running all these triple A titles on max at 60fps and would appreciate it if it were future proof(last at least an year before i have to upgrade again)

Oh and I'll only be playing on one monitor which i have yet to buy.. Any recommendations for a budget hd monitor that's a decent size?
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  1. amd fx 6300
    8 gb 1600 cl9 corsair vengeance
    sapphire hd 7870 xt
    gigabyte ga970a ud3(not rev1.0!)
    xfx pro550w core edition
    zalman z11 plus
    western digital wd10ezex
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