Need help selecting a power supply for my desktop

Hello forum,
I am putting together for my first build for my personal computer. However, i am not sure that my power supply is suitable for my list .
Here is my list :
AMD Phenom ii x6 1090T CPU

Asrock Motherboard 890FX Deluxe4

4 gigs DDR3 ram

500 gig Western Digital Harddisk

500 Watt Coolermaster Power Supply

Copper accessory fan & heatsink

AMD Radeon HD 7870/ Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 Ti /AMD Radeon HD 7850/Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti /AMD Radeon HD 6670 ( if i have one of those display card, i think my power supply would not be enough for pc )

DVD Writer LG Brand

Any suggestion of what kind of band of power supply will be greatly appreciated.
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    XFX 550W Made by (Seasonic #1 PSU Brand) will run your system with any of your above preferred video cards.
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