What is a good graphics card for my Inspiron 580 and could allow me to play GTA 4?

I just bought GTA 4 (i know im late), and i tried playing it on my computer. It did not go well, my graphics card could not load some of the structures because it did not have enough ram. Im currently using an Intel (r) HD graphics card and i need to upgrade. What are some good graphic cards under $100 that can let me play GTA. Im still new to this stuff, so please be detailed :D I believe i can only handle 300 watts.
Here are my specs
(just click on Comprehensive Specifications)
Thank You :D
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  1. You won't be able to play GTA and have fun with a $100 graphics card. That game is poorly optimized for PC and $400 graphics cards have trouble.

    An Inspiron is a pre-built PC so:

    1) You'd need a new Power Supply in order to run the card
    2) You have a 1st generation core i3, Intels are good but 1st generation is like ~3 years old (please correct me)
  2. What if i replace my power supply and buy a graphics card under 100$ would that work?
  3. Yes, that should work. I would suggest a minimum of a 500w power supply. Also make sure the length of the card is actually small enough to fit in the case.

    Corsair, Seasonic, and a few others are good makers of power supplies. Don't buy a no-name brand. Seriously, don't.
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