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how much better is the i7 3770k than the amd fx 8350 at video rendering

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How much better is the i7 3770k than the amd fx 8350 at rendering video's

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  • twice as fast
  • 0 %
  • a little bit faster not really noticeable
  • 25 %
  • if you have a amd fx 8350 and your thinking about returning it for a i7 3770k dont waste your time
  • 75 %
  • if you have a amd fx 8350 return it and get a i7 3770k it is just that much better ive tried them both
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April 29, 2013 10:53:10 PM

how much better is the i7 3770k than the amd fx 8350 as far as video rendering goes

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April 30, 2013 9:57:08 AM

Depends on what codec you plan on using for rendering.

If you are talking about DivX, then Intel gives better performance. Using the x.264 codec the i7-3770k performs better on the 1st pass, but the FX-8350 performances better on the 2nd pass. For WMV formats, Intel gives better performance.

I generally prefer Intel CPUs because they have overall better performance and consumes less power. However, they do cost a bit more. I believe under intensive CPU tasks (like video encoding) the FX consumes around 90w - 100w more power.
April 30, 2013 10:11:17 AM

The i7 3770k is better than the fx 8350, but not that much. If you are looking for a cheaper cpu that will run just as fast, and render nearly at the same speeds, I would go for the fx 8350, as it is nearly $130 less than the i7 3770k. But if you do not have a budget and want the better one, go ahead and buy the i7. They are both amazing CPUs to have.