how much better is the i7 3770k than the amd fx 8350 at video rendering

how much better is the i7 3770k than the amd fx 8350 as far as video rendering goes
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  1. Depends on what codec you plan on using for rendering.

    If you are talking about DivX, then Intel gives better performance. Using the x.264 codec the i7-3770k performs better on the 1st pass, but the FX-8350 performances better on the 2nd pass. For WMV formats, Intel gives better performance.

    I generally prefer Intel CPUs because they have overall better performance and consumes less power. However, they do cost a bit more. I believe under intensive CPU tasks (like video encoding) the FX consumes around 90w - 100w more power.
  2. The i7 3770k is better than the fx 8350, but not that much. If you are looking for a cheaper cpu that will run just as fast, and render nearly at the same speeds, I would go for the fx 8350, as it is nearly $130 less than the i7 3770k. But if you do not have a budget and want the better one, go ahead and buy the i7. They are both amazing CPUs to have.
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