old hard drive in to new pc

can i put old hard drive into new build pc, h/d has windows 8 instaled, and i want to upgrade with windows 8 pro would it work ??
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  1. X79 said:

    are you sure about that ??
  2. Yes, depending on the drive and such. For extra verification, find a tech shop near you and ask.
  3. hi X79 i tried but did not workd and i also try ti install windows 7 on it that also did not workd ... :(
  4. Well assuming you did things correct, tough luck.

    Why you would want to put an old HDD in a NEW computer is a bit odd though.

    Depending on how old we're talking, it's a disadvantage to do so.

    HDDs for example, may run at 5300RPM or something like 7300RPM or so.

    Well the higher the better. Thus if you had an old, thus slower HDD and put it in

    a new computer, it's hardly that effective. HDDs are pretty cheap, why not just buy a new one.
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