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I measure 16 cm at least from the motherboard to the sidewall of my case,what should the cpu cooler height be? I have been searching the internets for hours and i haven't come to a conclusion.Also mind that i have 2 vengeance rams which are quite big
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  1. Should fit any CPU Cooler. Phanteks PH-TC14PE* and Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo will clear that easily. Noctua NH-D14 will be a tight fit unless you have a bit more than 16cm.
  2. it says that it's height is 159mm don't hey measure it from the cpu after the paste etc?
    i measured 160mm from the motherboard chip,not included cpu/paste etc just from the base of the m/b
    it still fits?:D
  3. What case do you have?
  4. i have a raidmax aeolus and a 2600k cpu,i just found this from another tomsharder user using the same case

    So an update: The Noctua NH-D14 will indeed fit in this case! There is a slight issue though, and that is pne of the side window's mounting hardware is too long. Thus, I had to replace the push tab with a standard fan screw.

    edit: clarified that only one of the push tabs is too long

    can you clarify what he actually means?:D
    (also i have found this : http://www.thinkcomputers.org/raidmax-aeolus-case-review/4/ where an 163 mm cooler doesn't fit

    Thank you for your help, this was such a puzzle to me that i gave up in buying an aftermarket cooler,but after seeing 40 degrees idle and to paraphrase Eddard Stark :Summer is coming,i fear that it will greatly reduce the lifespan of my cpu thus making impossible to sell when i upgrade my rig. :)
  5. Just go for the Phanteks or Cooler Master. Stick with what you know will fit.
  6. I think i am going to buy the coolermaster since it's more close to my needs( no exerssive oc or no oc at all)
    the only problem is that i fear that it might have a problem with the top case fans. anyway
    Thank you very much for your time and you really have helped me out a lot :)
  7. You're welcome. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO will fit fine. The cooler in the images in the link that you posted is a bit bigger than the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.
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