Samsung 128gb 830 SSD vs Samsung 840 120gb (non-pro) SSD

what is the lifetime of both drives? are they the same or does the 840 stand an advantage over the 830 because its newer?

Also what is the battery performance between these two drives?

I also noticed that the 840 have a higher IOPS for 4k random read/write whereas the 830 have higher sequential write speeds? which is more important in normal usage (surfing the web, booting up the computer, loading applications, light gaming) ? the 4k random read/write or the sequential write?
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  1. Those drives are some of the best drives out there, samsung are basically leaders in SSD's , along side intels more expensive more reliable ones. If you can get them for the same price basically go for the 840, its the newer model so will come with the newest software and will have faster speeds. Battery performance? im guessing you're using a laptop? it will be negligble the difference between the two drives..
  2. for a laptop and as the only drive I would go 830 over the 840.
  3. Usually you will read more than write, so the 840 is in advantage. But usually normal work on a notebook is only small amount of work for a ssd. I would just buy the cheaper, which should be the 840, because the 830 production was stopped last year.
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