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Today, the LED on the power button of my Lenovo Z570 laptop darkened from a white to a darkish gray/blue, then eventually cut off completely. Any reason why this might be? It isn't what I'd call a serious problem at all, of course. (To clarify, the button works as normal and I have no other hardware issues, just the LED burned out of something).
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  1. A logical answer would be that the LED died. How long have you had this computer? Things like this happen if it's an old computer, or a faulty LED.
    I'm not sure, but I believe the LED is wired to the motherboard so you'd have to access that to replace it, but I'd say it's not worth it, since the computer is working fine without it, and we don't want it to get broken, do we?
  2. Actually, it's less than a year old. It's still under warranty. And the LED going out doesn't concern me, but the day after I posted this the laptop refused to turn on. The power button wasn't working at all. I separated it from the battery for a few hours and now it seems to be functioning properly again, so I'm hoping those were just isolated incidents.

    It's been sent in for repair twice. One time they forget to plug in the processor fan. I wouldn't be surprised if some similar oversight caused this, but it isn't a huge deal.
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