Apple iOS 7 May Sport 'Very Flat' Look Like Windows Phone

Looks like Apple may finally be freshening up with iOS 7.

Apple iOS 7 May Sport 'Very Flat' Look Like Windows Phone : Read more
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  1. Let's create supercomputers for our pockets and use them to display... DOS graphics.
  2. really??? Apple's gonna copy Microsoft now? how is that ever going to end well
  3. ...even more reason to stay put on a Jailbroken iOS device
  4. They are not talking about the use of Tiles or other flat like features in Windows 8. They are talking about the color pallet. It will be more modern using flat colors with no or not as much shine. The skeuomorphism will also be gone for the most part. It will be a more modern looking UI that matches the hardware design a bit better.
    There is no comparison at all to the Windows 8 interface and what IOS is looking like. This articles are misleading because no one has even seen the interface yet everyone is mentioning Windows 8 when they talk about IOS 7.
  5. MS suing Apple for flat coloured boxes?
  6. Before everyone goes all Apple's copying MS, lets see what it really looks like, lol
    P.S. I have an idea that Key Lime Pie will also sport a newer interface than what we've been experiencing 2.x - 4.x
  7. Thunderfox said:
    Let's create supercomputers for our pockets and use them to display... DOS graphics.

    I have to agree with this post. I mean things are getting faster. i can see some pre-rendering to lighten the load(save battery), but things are so fast that transparency and whatnot are idle work for the cpu/gpu now.

    Like it or not, here comes the future.

    In a bit of hind sight, Toms uses a rather "flat" look(for some parts of the site) and it works out quite well.
  8. I'm not a fan of computers moving to flat looking interfaces. I liked windows 7 and aero. it looked alive, and high tech. Windows 8 just looks... like a toy.
    I hope iOS doesn't suffer a similar fate and ditch all of its animations and and icon shading. its very subtle but it really looks good.
    Why have a super high-res "retina" display to display flat, mono-colored boxes?
  9. They need something big for iOS 7. I've lost all faith in my iPhone thanks to the stagnant development of iOS updates. I'm ready to move on to Android phones.
  10. I highly doubt iOS will look like Windows Phone. Those that believe it are gullible.
  11. Bleh.. iOS is the sexiest of all of the phone OSs. I only use android because I like big screens and freedom. WinPho is a terrible looking piece of crap.
  12. I just find it funny that with all the criticism that MSFT received, and the claims that MSFT was copying Apple, here it is that Apple is taking some design cues from MSFT.
    Don't get me wrong, I liked the Win7 Aero design a lot, and this isn't really something that's gonna make or break the sale of an OS or its attached device, but I quite like the flat design scheme as well. There's a crispness to it. I somewhat equate it to the choice between gloss black or matte black on something like a PC tower; if done right they both can look great. But, it's a pain keeping gloss clean, something you dont' have to worry about for images on a screen, so it's purely preference and makes sense that people might prefer the glossed up look there.
  13. Well then. Is it Apple's intention in making Microsoft look innovative? Because copying then would imply that. Good for Microsoft then.
  14. Just let me delete native apps and I'll consider it the greatest iOS update ever. This is the dumbest, most insecure decision Apple has made with their portable OS. Having to use the "10th page/back door" as the only means to remove the apps is ridiculous.
  15. I suppose black and white will make dog do-do slow as snot mobile device graphics processing faster ... less data to push around. But I gotta wonder at what point did Apple not understand about the complete and miserable adoption of Windows 8 with sales worse than Vista? This falls inline with Fashion of the day, like baggy pants around the knees, caps worn backwards, return of 70's flare, etc. etc. ... the basic process of re-inventing the "old" as "new" rather than truly coming up with something NEW!
  16. Hope MS sues them.
  17. Probably an attempt to reduce power consumption since the graphics core does not need to work as hard to apply "special effects" like shadows and reflections. Using lower resolution textures would (or at least should) mean slightly more available storage capacity.
  18. Not a fan of these boring graphics from 1996. People who say this interface style is "clean and sharp" have no sense. Why have high resolution displays, why have more processing and graphics power if you're not going to use it?
  19. "Very, very flat" and without all the "gloss and shine".
    Sounds like a fashion model gravitating towards failure.
  20. so just like MS apple is going to degrade the graphics and eye candy of its OS. at this rate in the next few years we will be back to the look of Amiga and commodore 64 graphics
  21. I think everyone is forgetting what graphics are for. They're supposed to be for the stuff you're actually doing, not the dressing around it. I don't care if the little box that is the ion for my program is not shinny or has a some glassy look to it - I care if the movie I'm watching, or the game I'm playing, is doing so smoothly with a fantastic quality. I'm not looking at that most of the time. It's a distraction.

    But you know what - times change. Things we used to think were amazing, we start to think are tired and boring and eventually look back and can't figure out why we ever thought that was a good thing. I could remember several years ago how everyone wanted everything to be gloss black. Not just the icons on their desktop screen, but their monitor screen, the monitor bezel, the PC case - gloss was a huge thing a few years ago. Now, few people seemed interested in glossy towers, or glossy screens, because they don't like having fingerprints to clean all the time. When the Xbox 360 and PS3 launched they were glossy because so many people liked it that way. Now at the end of their life cycle, they've gone almost completely matte. I'm sure in five or ten years, the pendulum will swing back. There's no point getting riled up about it. It's a natural effect of aging; what was in when you were ten is not going to be that way when you're 20, is going to change again by the time you're 30, and will change again by the time you're 40. After that you'll probably hardly notice anymore and not care either way.
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