PC VS Sony Vaio

guys i want to know whether my pc specs will outrun the sony vaio in terms of gaming so here are the specs of my computer and the vaio

the specs of vaio:
CPU: intel i7 2640m 2.8ghz
GPU: amd hd 6470m
RAM: 4 gb 1333 mhz

the spec of my pc:
CPU: amd fx 6300 vishera
GPU: amd hd 6670 1 gb ddr3
RAM: 4 gb 1333 mhz
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  1. A desktop 6670, even the lame GDDR3 version (that's about 20% slower than the GDDR5 model), is faster than a 6470m by quite a large margin....

    Both aren't very good though, tbph...
  2. MR. fulle i want to know whether the cpu of mine can beat that intel i7 mobile :heink:
  3. guys eager to get answer !
  4. The i7 2640m is a dual core sandy bridge processor with Hyperthreading, and a 4MB cache. It's going to perform similar to a i3-2120 on the desktop end... maybe a touch faster?

    The 6300 compares very closely with Sandy i3s in gaming performance, and for the CPUs here, it's actually a very close match overall.... with which is faster switching back and forth depending on the game.
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