Can you guys suggest a 1920x1080 monitor for my new PC?

Looking for a 21-23" monitor which will be good for gaming.

I don't really know anything about monitors so can you guys just suggest some?

My max budget would be £140 but I'd much rather be spending something around the £110 mark.

Thanks :)
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  1. @op

    did you check out the sticky post giving a whole deal of information about monitors?

    its not done yet but its a good place to start
  2. Maybe I'm being really stupid but I can't find this sticky anywhere XD

    Those are American listings, edogawa, and I can't find them for sale in the UK :(

    Thanks though :)

    it was the first post in computer perepherals.....

    some good information... not complete yet but still a good read!

    its a dual effort between me and manofchalk
  4. Oh god I was an idiot XD

    I'll read through it now :)
  5. So after reading that it seems I need the following

    o 1920x1080
    o DVI (not HDMI)
    o TN Panel
    o <=5ms response time
    o <£135

    Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  6. DVI and HDMI both send digital signals so it won't affect the image whichever you use.

    TN panels are what most normal monitors are, and IPS has better colours/viewing angles, but worse for action oriented games like shooters, but not as bad anymore.
  7. for your budget a 1080p tn panel is a likely canidate.

    i prefer staying with big brands such as asus, dell, viewsonic, etcetera.

    dvi or hdmi will work.
  8. BENQ 120HZ.
  9. That's quite a bit over budget Aero, but thanks nonetheless :)

    Just so I can get a better understanding, what response time and contrast ratio would you guys consider to be acceptable for gaming? Also, is a 2:1 contrast ratio better or worse than a 5000000000000:1 ratio?

    Thanks :)
  10. Don't bother with those dynamic contrast ratios as they are just marketing, consumers will go "wow that's a huge number, it must be better!" when it reality it doesn't mean it's necessarily better at all.

    I think agonyworms recommendations pretty good for the price too.
  11. honestly just about any monitor will work for gaming in todays market.

    your budget however limits the choices to tn or maybe va.

    i used to game on my 16ms s-ips panel without issue. most panels are under 8ms now. some people say they notice a difference but some do not. anything under 6-8ms and you have nothing to worry about.

    unless you have the cash to blow and the hardware to support 120hz dont worry about it.

    static contrast is what matters. dynamic contrast matters very little. high numbers seem impressive but it is just a marketing ploy
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