Portal Designer Working on Exclusive Title for Ouya

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  1. When I see a cartoon based game I remember one of the best, Dragon's Lair....
  2. The art style reminds me a little bit of Castle Crashers. This looks like it will be a single player game. It will be interesting to see how many games can push a quality multiplayer experience on the OUYA.
  3. If the Ouya has CoD like on other consoles they will be making $$$
    I dont play CoD or console fyi
  4. While there is nothing wrong with this game, they should be careful not to get branded as a kiddie console. As long as there are more serious launch titles to go along side with this, it should be pretty successful. If what's available on the Tegra market at the moment is any indication, MSFT & Sony will have some serious (and much needed) competition going forward.
  5. Ouya exclusive? You mean Android excusive.
  6. I'm pretty sure Ouya exclusive means just that. They don't make money on the hardware (who can at $99) they will make it on the store and you have to buy from them for that to happen. Perhaps it will be ported to regular android later, but AFAIK a ouya game plays on ouya and not a shield etc...Android games probably run on it fine, but ouya games probably won't run on your X android device (insert name). Which makes sense if you're making money only on the storefront. You need that 30% fee to survive.
  7. This is a pretty awful premise, Norse mythology and disco? The idea sounds pretty incoherent and lame.
  8. that aboue is driving me nuts
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