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Ok so I can play far cry 3 on max settings but any other game causes major lag. The first day I got the card I can play any game on max settings like: Shogun total war 2, league of legends, and dawn of war 2. So now, the only game the runs smooth is far cry 3. I can still play the other games that I mentioned but they're laggy. And the lag is worse than the previous card that I had on. I was using the stock card that came with my pc. It was an amd radeon 7570. Any help?
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  1. 7770 >>>>>> "7570"

    Latest drivers installed?
    Vsync off in game and on in CCC?
    At what quality and resolution are you trying to play?
  2. Ok I figured out why some games were so laggy. Some of the visuals in CCC were amped up and caused major lag in some of the other games I was playing. Running games at 1400x900 resolution.
  3. Then the problem is solved?
  4. I guess you can say it is? I adjusted the CCC and put everything back to the default settings.
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