My goal is to build a system that is able to max out most games at 60 fps or close to that for the best price. My monitor maxes out at 60 anyway so why pay more right!

I was looking at the amd fx 6300 and the 7870 as a pair to run games mainly skyrim and other rpgs. The problem is ive heard that skyrim and some games are cpu dependent and i worry that the cpu may fall short of the 7870 performance and bottleneck my card and give me less than my goal of 60fps

At less that £100 on Amazon its hard to refuse and i simply cant afford to buy an i5 and such.

Can someone give me peace of mind that i need to find a different CPU or that these two parts will do just fine and suit my needs?

Recommendations are welcomed and if you guys wanna check out my parts list you can get it here on my wish list

Please rate these parts for compatibly and price ect. And if possible expected performance or modern games being released. You may have guessed that this is my first attempt at building a system and i want to get it right as i can afford money wise to make a mistake of buying a wrong part and whatnot

Thanks anyway for all suggestions and answers
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  1. This is a great setup apart from the RAM. Get low profile RAM so that if you ever want to add an aftermarket CPU cooler, they won't get in the way.

    The CPU will not bottleneck this setup at all.
  2. thanks for the reply and putting my mind at ease

    Would you have any idea about the expected performance i would get from a game like skyrim with those parts? FPS with on max settings?

    I probably will look for better ram to leave room in case i want to overclock to push the cpu a little harder
  3. At 1080p. You should max the game. I have an i3 and a 7870 and I max it no problem.
  4. thanks man for quick reply really give me a great answer, now i can purchase these parts without any fear of doing it wrong which has been holding me back from getting them.

    Thanks again.
  5. Anytime. Always glad to help.
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