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I am going to school for Graphic Design and I need a laptop. I have a desktop that can do more than I need but would like to have a laptop for portability. My desktop has a i7 3770k processor and 16 GB of Ram with a 660 gtx ftw 2 GB. I would like to spend no more than $2000 on a laptop. I wouldn't mind building one but buying one would be good to.

I have done multiple threads and have read multiple threads about PC's and Mac's and which is better. If anyone think a Mac is better than I would like to know. If I buy a Mac then it will be from Best Buy and I will buy their protection plan at $349. But may be able to increase my budget if I find a Mac or PC that I like.

If I like the PC then either Best Buy or maybe even building one from I want either computer to be able to do animation and Graphic Design. Be able to run Macromedia Flash 8, Maya, and Photoshop. And I would like to know if any other program out their is good for animation and possible Game Developing.

I really do not want any bashing on PC or MAC I just want to know which you the people would think would be best for animation. I have never had a Mac but thought about getting one some I am curious and do not want to waste any money on a Mac or even a PC being a waste. I have not done much with my desktop yet but I definitely will be making an animation very soon.
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  1. What version of Maya will you be using? I'm guessing you will want to find a laptop with a top notch video card, at least 8GB of RAM (thinking 16 would be better), and a minimum of an i5 processor. Are you looking for a 15" or 17" model? The Macs can be quite expensive for the hardware especially in the 17" range. If you decide on a Mac be sure to see if you can find who makes the display. I have read that there have been some issues with the Retina displays and ghosting (models with displays made by LG) -
    Have you considered a model that will support dual hard drives (SSD for OS and HDD for storage)?
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