Can't Click on any icons or menu's, but can move the mouse cursor?

My PC won't allow me to click on any Icons (but the mouse will move the arrow around), I have both a ssd and a hdd. I've tried a clean install of windows 7 on both drives (and tested them separately) but it still won't allow me to use my mouse to click on any icons. The keyboard functions work well, I've also tried using two different mouse's (one wireless, and one wired) and it still won't respond when clicking on any icons or even the start menu. So I then install Linux Ubuntu just to see if it responded better to Icon use. Linux will allow me to click on a icon (like Firefox) but then it instantly freezes while launching (the PC was working great yesterday). Is it possible that both the ssd and hdd are failing at the same time? Or could there be an error somewhere else that I'm not aware to check? I have a AMD FX 8350 (that’s idle temp is around 42 degrees Celsius), a GTX 660Ti, 8 gigs of ram, 120 ssd, 500gb hdd, and a 700watt PSU.
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  1. I had this problem too, its an easy fix once you know how to do it. Default power saving option should be renamed to "pissing people off for a laugh"

    this solved the problem 100% for me. I also did reinstall of windows (due to other reasons though) and the issue remained until I adjusted the power settings. Now its working as it should.
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