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I'm a bit of a noob when It comes to Graphics cards and im looking to upgrade my current graphics card to something better. I currently have a 1gig DDR5 amd Radeon 6850. I'm looking to be able to play newer games like bioshock infinite with the textures all the way up and run it at 1080P and get 50-60 FPS. With my current card I get i get about 20-30FPS. Should I get a second card and crossfire or upgrade to a completely new card? If so what would you recommend? Im only looking to spend around $200 on the card. I'm also planning on buying a new motherboard and CPU as well so I am open for suggestions.
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  1. So motherboard + CPU + GPU for $200? A change like that may require you to reinstall your OS if it's Windows.
  2. NVIDIA GTX 660 would be a good candidate. I can't guarantee it can constantly stay above 50-60 fps tho. It depends on your other hardwares (CPU, RAM). But it would definitely be un upgrade for your 6850.
  3. I meant $200 on just the GPU i have 12 gigs of ram and im planning on buying an 8core fx amd CPU. If I switch from ati to nvidia should I switch from AMD to Intel? I heard ati and amd work well togeather and that nivida works well with intel. Is that just a rumor tho cause I dont see how that could make a differnce.
  4. As long as there aren't bottlenecks, mix and match is fine for CPU and GPU. For a $200 GPU, I also recommend a GTX 660.
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