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I know the xbox 720 is coming out later this year but I am not sure what to get. most likely all my friends will get the 720 but PC can do just more than gaming. tell me what you think
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  1. Id say to just get a PC. I wouldn't even want to pay to play online. Plus with a PC you get better graphics and you don't have to pay a monthly fee to play on it.
  2. Read some of the other posts about this topic. And my opinion, pc is the best band for the buck because the free online and cheap games pay for the computer. I have spent less on my comp in the first year of owning than I did in six months of owning my xbox.
  3. I'm going to copy my post from another thread regarding next gen consoles:

    The answer is very simple, if you want to play console exclusives, get console, if you want to play multiplatform games or pc exclusives, play on pc. You may expect games to be optimized for consoles but keep in mind that custom PC built for gaming will always outperform console in terms of graphics. So it's also important what kind of graphics do you want, if you're interesting in playing all new games in 1080p with antyaliasing enabled and 60 fps then pc is your only option.

    There's no need to start this kind of thread, next gen consoles are not released yet and their accurate specs are not known.
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