AMD A10 5800k bad performance

i have 2 slot of ram motherboard msi a75 e35 i have one ram kingstone hyperX blu 1600mhz 4gb
i dont know how to configure ram because windows experience index score 5.9 on memory and also have bad performance on games especialy DOTA 2
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  1. This will play at low/medium settings at 1080p. Don't expect more than that. Likely low settings.

    You have one stick of RAM? Just put it in one slot and you are good to go.
  2. Update your drivers and your motherboard's BIOS, that could be leading to sluggish performance.
  3. resolution is 1280x1024
    i saw one maxed out settings and hes fps was 40-50 avg
  4. What game? The resolution is pretty low so you should be seeing decent frame rates.
  5. att windows experiance index i have 7.3 cpu 5.9 ram 4.4 aero 6.4 games 5.7 hdd
    it should be like that 7.3 cpu 7.3 ram 6.7 aero 6.7 games 5.7 hdd
  6. What speed is your RAM? You have one 4gb stick correct?
  7. yes one stick of 4 gb 1600mhz kingstone hyperx blu
  8. For 4gb RAM 5.9 is the correct windows index rating. Those rating don't mean anything though.
  9. thats not the problem
    the problem is the hd7660d its not performe as expected
    i have update drivers
    it was improved slightly
  10. What game are you trying to play?
  11. DOTA 2 steam
  12. What FPS are you getting with what settings?
  13. 20-35 fps
  14. You need two sticks of memory. I saw this exact question a couple months back. The A10 relies so much on memory bandwidth that having 2 sticks of fast ram (1866 Mhz+) is needed for gaming.

    Having two sticks means you can run it in dual channel mode which doubles the memory bandwidth. Since the RAM functions also as the VRam as well as the RAM, it's very important to have it running fast, otherwise the GPU will be severely bottlenecked.

    EDIT: Here are some benchmarks: Your system is currently like the green bars.

    Another interesting article:

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