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Hey all, I decided to overclock a laptop that I had laying around just for the fun of it and I managed to reach 5.5 Ghz with an AMD Sempron SI-42. I was curious if maybe I was lucky enough to get a really good processor, or if CpuZ was not displaying the correct clock speed.
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  1. There's no way you did.
  2. That is why I want your opinion. If you look at my sig I have the CpuZ validation for it. Do you think that CpuZ just made a mistake and is displaying the wrong clock?
  3. Probably. What'd you use to OC?
  4. I used K10Stat and the overclock would survive a restart.
  5. At what voltage? The way this is looking, the OC program just changed what CPU-Z reads, instead of actually overclocking.
  6. It is at 1.125 volts but I saw a definite increase in performance ingame and a substantial rise in temperature during benchmarking.
  7. There's just no way 5.5 GHz can be held at 1.125 volts.
  8. I am getting 3DMark right now and I will run it at stock speeds and at "OC" speeds and see if it makes a difference, but I am pretty sure you are right... Unless I have the best Sempron ever made.
  9. Although it did BSOD when I turned the voltage down to 0.850 which means it is doing something.
  10. 5.5GHz @ 0.850v is undervolting like crazy. Even 5.5GHz @ 1.25v is not possible. Even if you somehow managed to get 5.5GHz, you'd be overheating like crazy.
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