Does brand matching video cards and mobo's increase performance?

Will using the same brand of video card as the motherboard give any increase in performance? For example, I have an Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo. Is there any benefit to using an Asus video card as opposed to a similarly spec'd MSI, EVGA, etc., card? I've got a Corsair H750 PSU and a 3770K @ 4.5, and a GPU is my next upgrade. I have air cooling that keeps things pretty cool. I'm wanting to upgrade to something in the GTX 650 TI Boost -- GTX 670 range. . . I really only play Diablo 3 with the occasional StarCraft 2 WoL, and will probably play Marvel Heroes when it comes out, so I don't need a monster GPU, but I would like a significant upgrade from the HD 6770 that I have now. On a separate note, should I wait to upgrade until the 7xx series comes out?

Thanks in advance for any positive input!!!
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  1. No, using the same brands won't effect performance. Diablo, SC2 and WoW don't take much to max out, my 7770 does it, a 650ti will be all you need. If you want a higher end card, the 660Ti is a pretty good performance for the price option.
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